Becoming healthier together

The health of our employees is a matter close to our hearts. For this reason we have, since 2010, operated a personalised operational health management scheme: JWOAktiv. Our motto is: “Ageing healthily together” — because our focus is on the individual.

As a JWOAktiv member you receive personal support based on any health challenges you may have and your own personal interests. We give you the following options: JWOAktiv is an independent department with separate facilities. You can go there to train in our on-site fitness studio. As an employee, there is an extensive range of benefits available to you in the area of occupational health promotion: Our healthcare manager is a sports scientist which means that as a JWOAktiv member, you benefit from expert advice and support.

We are continuously developing our operational health management scheme for the future too. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far: Our sustainable ‘JWOAktiv’ concept has already won the Corporate Health Award several times.

We keep things moving!

Since 2010 we have also offered our employees an established programme of courses: You can take part in up to 15 sport, exercise and relaxation courses per week. Since 2010 we have already offered more than 2,750 courses, which have enjoyed huge popularity. The total number of hours that our employees have spent doing sports programmes is now more than 25,300 hours.

With our JWOAktiv, you can always keep moving. Check-ups and courses are two key components of the programme — there are many other ways in which you, as an employee, can get involved, however. All of these steps mean that each day, we get much closer to reaching our common goal: “Ageing healthily together”.

Benefits of our health management

Fitness courses

Every week you have the option of several on-site fitness courses. This means that you can take part in sports and train under supervision together with your colleagues.

Gym training

Our health manager can support you with your individual training. Our equipment room is freely available to you throughout the working week.

Ergonomics in the workplace

We assess your workspace, arrange it individually and advise you on all ergonomics-related issues.

Addiction prevention

The colleagues concerned receive a diverse, professional range of support in the area of addiction prevention.

Stress prevention

Do you ever feel like personal or work-related stress is getting overwhelming? Our services and informative materials can actively help you.

Help in critical life situations

Everybody has challenges in their lives — for example, caring for a relative or experiencing financial difficulties. We can actively help you in these situations.

Occupational integration management

If you are absent for more than six weeks a year due to illness, we can help you.

Individual advice and support

Our health care can advise you on all issues relating to the topic of ‘health and work’.
“What I like most: At J.W. Ostendorf, I automatically get fitness courses, gym training and stress prevention to balance out my job. This means I remain active and productive all day.”

– Dieter, Production