Lacquers and spray paints for reliable protection against the weather

Lacquers and spray paints are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Besides their ability to improve the appearance of a surface, they also provide extensive protection against everyday impacts, both indoors and outdoors. This makes it easy to freshen up a number of things: Starting with the classic retro dresser that can undergo something of a renaissance and the garden bench that needs protection against the weather, to the metal fence that is showing its age. Here we have a clear focus on modern, environmentally-friendly acrylic-based coating systems that have no adverse effects on health.

Undercoats, white and coloured lacquers

We offer you the entire range of lacquers and spray paints for a wide variety of projects in the home and garden: Besides the classic white and coloured lacquers of various sizes and gloss levels, our portfolio contains essential special coatings, e.g. for radiators, floorboards and metal surfaces, as well as a number of functional and effect lacquers — all perfectly coordinated with each other in the system, of course.

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