Computer Science Expert
Subject Area:
System Integration

Do you have a particular interest in mathematics, IT programs and the analysis of IT problems? Then the apprenticeship as Computer Science Expert Subject Area: System Integration is the best possible decision for you! 

You will become a true expert on technical challenges: For example, you will learn how best to plan and design IT systems and networks. Installing, configuring and networking hardware and software components is also part of your day-to-day work. You also identify and resolve system defects and protect databases against unauthorised access and loss. Your training also includes providing consultancy services and user training.

If you have a good secondary school qualification, technical college entrance qualification or general college entrance qualification, you’re right for us. In your new job, you are free to live out your enjoyment of logical and structured work. At the same time, you must enjoy advising others. And if you also have good communication skills, if you enjoy working in a team and if contact with others is important to you, we should definitely get to know each other!